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We’ve Danced Our Last Dance

So we have danced our last dance for this time around. Save me a spot on your dance card my love, for certainly we will dance again. All of the best things in my life began with you. I love you. (Photo from June 1994, 20th Anniversary and renewal of our vows.)

God Works in Mysterious Ways, It’s true.

It is true that God works in mysterious ways. Today, on this last day of National NF (Neurofibromatosis) Month I wanted to share this with you. In April 2011, my daughter Lindsey asked me to pray for her friend’s little girl. Her name was Madison and she had NF. She sent me a photograph of […]

My Mother’s Day Spark Story

Once upon a time, there were in the ethers, five Divine Sparks. They were all a part of the same soul family. One day, as they floated and flitted about, as one might expect Sparks to do, with great excitement, one said, hey guys, I have a great idea! What if we all go to […]

A Cupboard Full of Memories

I never really liked my name.  It was so ordinary.  So simple.  I used to get a little jealous of those who had beautiful names and wondered  why my parents couldn’t have chosen something more lovely. That all changed on September 25, 2015 when my precious granddaughter was born.  Named for my beloved grandmother and […]

Just For Now

Janet was a born healer.  She became an RN as an adult and joined the medical field, but her healing gifts went much deeper.  I recall a day many years ago when I was going through something really difficult.  Janet and I were sitting alone, across the table from each other at Medco.  She reached […]