He heard me…

We’ve Danced Our Last Dance

So we have danced our last dance for this time around.

Save me a spot on your dance card my love,

for certainly we will dance again.

All of the best things in my life began with you.

I love you.

(Photo from June 1994, 20th Anniversary and

renewal of our vows.)

The Old Rugged Cross

God Works in Mysterious Ways, It’s true.

It is true that God works in mysterious ways.

Today, on this last day of National NF (Neurofibromatosis) Month I wanted to share this with you.

In April 2011, my daughter Lindsey asked me to pray for her friend’s little girl. Her name was Madison and she had NF. She sent me a photograph of Madison and I placed her on my prayer altar.   That same month Madison’s grandmother, who also had NF, passed away. Her name was Mary and she was only 47 years old.

I had never met Mary but my daughter was so sad that I told her I would go to the hospice to see her. Well, Mary was well loved in this life and her room and the hallway were filled with family, friends and her minister. I took a seat at the end of her bed and sat quietly praying and wondering why had I felt so strongly guided to be there. Mary was literally surrounded by those who loved her. Why had God called me there? After some time, I blessed her and quietly slipped out of the room.

In the hallway were my daughter’s friend, her husband Will and two adorable little girls, Madison and Emily. It broke my heart knowing that these two precious little ones would soon be without their beloved grandmother.

So, now 7 years after the day that I sat at Mary’s bedside, much has changed. Some years ago after divorce, my daughter Megan began dating Will and now our families have blended. Those precious little ones, Madison and Emily are now MY granddaughters. I am so thankful that Spirit sent me to the hospice that day. I could never have imagined that I was being introduced to my future family, but God knew and I think on some level, Mary did too.



My Mother’s Day Spark Story


Once upon a time, there were in the ethers, five Divine Sparks. They were all a part of the same soul family. One day, as they floated and flitted about, as one might expect Sparks to do, with great excitement, one said, hey guys, I have a great idea! What if we all go to earth and become a family? And one of the other sparks said, yeah that’s a great idea!

Ok then, can I be the mom this time around? I’d really like to give that a go. And how would you like to be the dad… and what do you say, to the three of you being girls? Oh, it will be wonderful! Yes, yes, yes! Let’s do it.

Then, the mommy Spark spoke in a softer and more serious tone. You know there are many great lessons we will learn on earth and it will at times be a scary place. And you know, I won’t really know how to be a mommy the first time around. But I know that because all of you love me so much, that you will forgive me when I make mistakes. And because I love you so very much, I too will do my best to be patient and kind as you make your way. So, that is just what they did and over a period of time, each one made their way and was born into this family called the Wantas.

Then one glorious earth day, on a day called Mother’s Day, the mommy Spark looked into the eyes of the daddy Spark with great love and gratitude for the family that they had come to be. And with great pride and immense joy they watched as their beautiful daughter sparks now nurtured and cared for their own little Sparks.

And that is our story. Each of us is here on our own Soul’s journey, our own Sacred Path and yet the Creator has given us so many other Soul’s along the way to love us and support us as we go.

So Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Divine Mommy Sparks! Bless you for your love and compassion.

How many memories can a tiny thimble hold?

A Cupboard Full of Memories

I never really liked my name.  It was so ordinary.  So simple.  I used to get a little jealous of those who had beautiful names and wondered  why my parents couldn’t have chosen something more lovely.

That all changed on September 25, 2015 when my precious granddaughter was born.  Named for my beloved grandmother and myself, she was given the name Lillian Jean.  Suddenly Lily Jean was music to my ears!

Now, two years later,  I am contemplating what to get this very special little girl for her birthday?  It slipped in like a whisper on a breeze.  The cupboard.  Yes, of course! My little cupboard!

The cupboard had been made for me by my dad when I was around 2 or 3 I think.  He loved working with wood.  He built our childhood home almost single handedly, as we lived in the basement while he did so.  I remember him making snow skis, a sled and a little bench.  He even built us the most amazing playhouse complete with glass in the windows!  It was nestled on the edge of the woods under the sprawling branches of a huge oak tree. My sisters and I played with that cupboard for years.  When I moved to Florida, it came with me.

Yes, the cupboard should go to Lily Jean I thought. I pulled it from the storage shed and began wiping away the years that had collected on its surface.  I could never have imagined the feelings that would swell within me as I began this simpe task.  Suddenly in my mind’s eye, I could see my dad.  As I stroked the wooden surface it was as if I could feel my dad’s hand over mine.  It felt like he was guiding my hand using the same movements as he had so many years ago as he prepared the cupboard for me.  Then memories came flooding in of the days when my daughters were small and how they loved this little cupboard.  And now, we were preparing it for my granddaughter, his great granddaughter, our Lily Jean.

I love you dad.  I miss you so very much.  Perhaps one day we will be together on the other side and we will guide Lily’s hand as she prepares the cupboard for her daughter.   Love is eternal.

Happy Birthday Lily Jean.

Just For Now

Janet was a born healer.  She became an RN as an adult and joined the medical field, but her healing gifts went much deeper.  I recall a day many years ago when I was going through something really difficult.  Janet and I were sitting alone, across the table from each other at Medco.  She reached across the table and took both of my hands in hers.  She looked at me with such love, then closed her eyes and bowed her head.  I was startled at first as I felt a rush of energy flowing from her hands into mine.  Having experienced the hands of healers before, this was not foreign to me but I didn’t know of Janet’s healing gifts prior to this experience.  I sat there and took it all in.  What glorious energy of healing and love!  She was one powerful healer indeed.

Janet and I shared a special love for the angels.  She called upon them daily, as do I.   She was a kind, loving and compassionate soul.  Janet was a giver, always ready to lend a helping hand.  Whenever I was heading up a drive for someone in need, she would lovingly place a $20 in my hand and say, this is to help so and so.  One day, she handed me a $20 and I asked, what is this for?  She said, aren’t you helping someone and I replied, not right now.  Take it anyway she said, someone will come.  So I did.  And they did.  And I passed it on.

I have a friend who recently lost her home to a fire. In true Janet fashion, in her last days she told her daughter Melinda that she would like do donate her clothes to this woman.

Yes, that says it all doesn’t it?  That is our Janet.  That is who she was and still is.  For I know that Janet did not die.  She has simply slipped through the veil.  No doubt she showed up on the other side with her beautiful smile, a joyful laugh and a $20 in her hand, just looking for that next person she could help.

I love you and miss you dearest friend but I know you will be with me always .  Job well done, good and faithful Servant.

FOCUS FUEL TO THE RESCUE! When you want to sleep but still have work to do.

I have been making and sharing my “Focus Fuel” blend using Young Living Oils for some time now and it is a favorite. I am not a night person by any means and sometimes I still have work to do at my desk at the end of my day. This is not great for someone who likes to crawl into bed early!

I discovered this powerful combination when researching essential oils to help my daughter who was struggling to stay awake to study for exams. Coffee and energy drinks would keep her awake but her retention was not good, plus then she couldn’t go to sleep after as her body was loaded with so much caffeine.

This great blend can be used in a diffuser or added to a roller ball bottle and applied topically!  I have diffusers all over my house including one on my desk.  I simply add the blend to my diffuser and as long as that is running I am awake, alert and focused.  Even very late into the evening.  It is almost magical!   The really wonderful thing is, once I go to bed I can fall asleep quickly and easily.  It never keeps me awake!

If you would like to try it for yourself, just contact me.  I can order the oils and give you the recipe or I can make it up for you in the roller or in a dropper bottle to diffuse.