DSCN5139It was a day like any other as I traveled about Jacksonville, checking on patients and clients.

As I came to the familiar split in the freeway, I was in left of the two lanes that made their way off to Jacksonville. Those travelers heading to the beaches continued on their way in the three lanes heading to the left. Well, all except one driver who had realized she was in the wrong lane. She sharply turned into my lane just as I was about even with her. In those seconds, many thoughts, none of them pleasant, raced through my mind. She is going to hit me I thought. My eyes darted to my right where there was another car keeping pace with me. We were all traveling about 60 mph and there was absolutely no place for me to go. I remember thinking, this is going to be ugly. I glanced quickly to my left and could see the driver’s side headlight and part of the hood. I braced myself for the impact.

Suddenly the thought came, why am I not hearing the crash? I knew by the angle of the vehicle, that she had already hit me and yet I had not heard the expected breaking of glass or the tearing of metal.

It was not until after I realized that I was out of harms way that a loud guttural cry came from deep within me. One that I had never in my life heard come from my body. As I reflect on it now I feel like it was the cry that would have come upon impact, had that impact been allowed to happen.

I began to weep with gratitude, thanking God, Divine Mother and the angels for protecting me. For saving me.

Suddenly I remembered a story that one of my spiritual teachers had shared with me years ago. She said that she and a friend had been driving somewhere when suddenly there was a vehicle heading straight for them. My friend said she called out “God help us” and the next thing they knew, they were in a parking lot, safe, sound and untouched, having no idea how they had gotten there.

I now understood that story on a level that I could not have understood before. What had just happened? Or more true to the point was, what just hadn’t happened?

People speak of God’s Grace. Well I feel that It was God’s Grace that saved me and I am so thankful for it.

And what of the echo? Well within days, my website “crashed”.   Not surprising really. All is energy and that energy had to go somewhere right? As much as I hated having to rebuild my website, it sure beats rebuilding tissue and bone!

Thank you Divine Love for watching over me, today and every day. I am so grateful. Amen.