juken shoesMy friend Michelle called me today as she often does to share a magical experience in her day. Over the years we have experienced many of what we call “God Winks” as we walk through our day and we are always so excited to call each other and say “OK, you are not going to believe THIS one!”

Michelle was visiting one of her nursing home accounts a couple days ago. A group of ladies in wheelchairs were gathered in front of the building enjoying the fresh air. Michelle was wearing a pair of black heels that looked like snakeskin. As she approached, one of the women said, “Don’t you just love wearing heels?” She proceeded to tell my friend that her husband used to buy her the most beautiful heels and they would go “juken” (dancing).   Oh, the memories that brought back to her. They spoke for some time and she expressed how much she loved Michelle’s shoes.

Upon leaving the nursing home Michelle found herself making a left hand turn out of the facility. Odd, as she usually goes the other way. Realizing that she was near a Goodwill store, she decided to run in to see if she could find a pair of size 7 heels for this precious little lady. The clerk was just locking the door but he kindly allowed her to enter. She ran back to the shoe section, so hoping she could find the perfect pair. Well, not only did she find a pair of size 7 heels but they were the exact same heels that Michelle was wearing! What are the chances? I mean it. Really! What are the chances?

Well, she hurried back to the checkout and told the man she didn’t care how much they cost she just had to have THIS pair of heels. She recounted her experience with the little lady in the wheelchair and he refused to take a penny for the shoes.

So excited, she returned to the nursing home with the heels. You can imagine the sweet little lady’s disbelief and delight when Michelle presented her with the black snakeskin shoes! Of course she wanted to wear them right away so my friend carefully removed her old shoes and placed the new Juken Shoes on her feet. Oh, I wish I could have seen the look on that lady’s face! What joy that must have brought her! Well, she made the lady promise not to try to walk in the shoes and she told the woman’s nurse about them as to be sure it was ok. The nurse assured her that the lady was clear minded and that it was fine.

As I reflect on the events of that day I find it so inspiring. Through Michelle’s random act of kindness, this sweet little lady was taken back in time to remember and share treasured memories of juken with her husband. It blessed the ladies around her who also enjoyed a trip down memory lane. The clerk in the Goodwill store was blessed as he got to be a part of bringing happiness to someone he didn’t even know. You and I and all who read this story are now touched and affected by this loving act by a perfect stranger.

Random acts of kindness are so important, especially at this time.   These acts of selflessness, love and compassion create a wonderful ripple in the consciousness of humanity. Don’t underestimate the power behind the smallest of loving acts.

So, I would encourage you to look for opportunities as you interact with others today.

Opportunities to be kind, loving, understanding and compassionate are in front of us every moment of every day. What will your ripple look like?