First and foremost, after you have a silent freak out, approach the situation with calmness and matter-of-factness. Since you will be using all natural Young Living Essential Oils for your head lice treatment, you can treat all members of the family because it is completely safe and non-toxic. And unlike harsh chemical treatments, the head lice will not develop an immunity to the essential oils because each batch of essential oil will vary slightly from the next, within its given range. This is due to the natural effects of weather, harvesting and distillation on the plants. Organisms, such as head lice and bacteria, can only develop an immunity to something that is consistently the same, such as anti-biotics or, in this case, chemicals that treat head lice.

Before treatment, comb through each family member’s hair using a head lice comb, getting rid of as many live organisms and nits as possible. Continue to use the comb at least once a day for the next 10-14 days to check the progress and to eliminate any live lice.

Make up the head lice blend using the proportions listed below.

Head Lice Blend:
4 drops Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree)
4 drops thyme
2 drop lavender
2 drop geranium
Dilute 50-50 with coconut oil mixed with another fatty oil such as almond, olive or sunflower oil.

Apply 1 teaspoon of mixture to scalp. Massage over entire head and into hair, cover with disposable shower cap or small plastic bag and leave for at least 1/2 hour. Then shampoo and rise well. Wash hair bending over a sink. Do not wash hair in the shower as lice may cling to other body hairs. Follow by using the rinse below.

Head Lice Rinse:
2 drops rosemary
2 drops clove
2 drops peppermint
1/2 oz. vinegar
8 oz. water
Mix into a container with a watertight lid. Shake vigorously, then pour over hair making sure every strand is rinsed. Rinse and dry naturally.

Repeat daily until lice and eggs are gone, usually from 10-14 days.

This handles the head part of getting rid of head lice. In addition, here are supplemental measures you need to take:

Machine wash and dry clothing, towels and bed linens used by every family member in the last 3-4 days using hot water and high heat drying cycle. Non-washable items can be dry-cleaned or sealed in a plastic bag and store for 2 weeks.
Soak combs and brushes in hot water and Thieves household cleaner for at least 10 minutes.
Vacuum floors, rugs and all furniture, including mattresses.
Do not use fumigant sprays. If you have an ultra-sonic or cold-air essential oil diffuser, diffuse Melrose, Purification, Clarity and/or peppermint 3-4 times daily for 10 minute intervals.

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