I have been making and sharing my “Focus Fuel” blend using Young Living Oils for some time now and it is a favorite. I am not a night person by any means and sometimes I still have work to do at my desk at the end of my day. This is not great for someone who likes to crawl into bed early!

I discovered this powerful combination when researching essential oils to help my daughter who was struggling to stay awake to study for exams. Coffee and energy drinks would keep her awake but her retention was not good, plus then she couldn’t go to sleep after as her body was loaded with so much caffeine.

This great blend can be used in a diffuser or added to a roller ball bottle and applied topically!  I have diffusers all over my house including one on my desk.  I simply add the blend to my diffuser and as long as that is running I am awake, alert and focused.  Even very late into the evening.  It is almost magical!   The really wonderful thing is, once I go to bed I can fall asleep quickly and easily.  It never keeps me awake!

If you would like to try it for yourself, just contact me.  I can order the oils and give you the recipe or I can make it up for you in the roller or in a dropper bottle to diffuse.

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