I never really liked my name.  It was so ordinary.  So simple.  I used to get a little jealous of those who had beautiful names and wondered  why my parents couldn’t have chosen something more lovely.

That all changed on September 25, 2015 when my precious granddaughter was born.  Named for my beloved grandmother and myself, she was given the name Lillian Jean.  Suddenly Lily Jean was music to my ears!

Now, two years later,  I am contemplating what to get this very special little girl for her birthday?  It slipped in like a whisper on a breeze.  The cupboard.  Yes, of course! My little cupboard!

The cupboard had been made for me by my dad when I was around 2 or 3 I think.  He loved working with wood.  He built our childhood home almost single handedly, as we lived in the basement while he did so.  I remember him making snow skis, a sled and a little bench.  He even built us the most amazing playhouse complete with glass in the windows!  It was nestled on the edge of the woods under the sprawling branches of a huge oak tree. My sisters and I played with that cupboard for years.  When I moved to Florida, it came with me.

Yes, the cupboard should go to Lily Jean I thought. I pulled it from the storage shed and began wiping away the years that had collected on its surface.  I could never have imagined the feelings that would swell within me as I began this simpe task.  Suddenly in my mind’s eye, I could see my dad.  As I stroked the wooden surface it was as if I could feel my dad’s hand over mine.  It felt like he was guiding my hand using the same movements as he had so many years ago as he prepared the cupboard for me.  Then memories came flooding in of the days when my daughters were small and how they loved this little cupboard.  And now, we were preparing it for my granddaughter, his great granddaughter, our Lily Jean.

I love you dad.  I miss you so very much.  Perhaps one day we will be together on the other side and we will guide Lily’s hand as she prepares the cupboard for her daughter.   Love is eternal.

Happy Birthday Lily Jean.

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