I’ve never seen such a young child who loves plants like our wee Lily Jean. Left to her own, you will find her barefoot and digging in the dirt.  She will hug and kiss the plants, then water them with care. It’s no wonder she loves the essential oils!  My daughter and I have used them on her for most of her life, so she knows them well.    When I go to visit one of the first things out of her mouth is usually, “Nani, you got oil?”

Recently I took her a small cloth bag with 5 or 6 essential oil bottles inside. (None of the “spicy” ones of course.)   Although they were empty except a drop or two in the bottom, they still had a great aroma when opened.   Lil’ Lily Jean looked directly into my eyes as she held the bag over her heart and said with great emotion,  “This is for me?  You got this for me?”  My daughter and I looked at each other, taken aback by the sincerity and love in her question and on her sweet little face.  With a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat, I replied, “yes honey, it is for you.”   She reached into the bag and pulled out the first bottle.  Again she looks at me and as though she is in disbelief she says “Nani, you got me Frankincense?”  She then pulled out the second and said, “you got me lavender?”  It was the sweetest moment.  What two year old knows essential oil bottles like that?  She is just amazing.

Grandchildren are such a blessing, to be sure.  I love watching Lily, as she shows me who she is, through what she loves.