Once upon a time, there were in the ethers, five Divine Sparks. They were all a part of the same soul family. One day, as they floated and flitted about, as one might expect Sparks to do, with great excitement, one said, hey guys, I have a great idea! What if we all go to earth and become a family? And one of the other sparks said, yeah that’s a great idea!

Ok then, can I be the mom this time around? I’d really like to give that a go. And how would you like to be the dad… and what do you say, to the three of you being girls? Oh, it will be wonderful! Yes, yes, yes! Let’s do it.

Then, the mommy Spark spoke in a softer and more serious tone. You know there are many great lessons we will learn on earth and it will at times be a scary place. And you know, I won’t really know how to be a mommy the first time around. But I know that because all of you love me so much, that you will forgive me when I make mistakes. And because I love you so very much, I too will do my best to be patient and kind as you make your way. So, that is just what they did and over a period of time, each one made their way and was born into this family called the Wantas.

Then one glorious earth day, on a day called Mother’s Day, the mommy Spark looked into the eyes of the daddy Spark with great love and gratitude for the family that they had come to be. And with great pride and immense joy they watched as their beautiful daughter sparks now nurtured and cared for their own little Sparks.

And that is our story. Each of us is here on our own Soul’s journey, our own Sacred Path and yet the Creator has given us so many other Soul’s along the way to love us and support us as we go.

So Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Divine Mommy Sparks! Bless you for your love and compassion.

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