From the depths of my soul, I cried out to Father Mother God.
The pain, both physical and emotional, nearly more than I could bear.
Am I to be broken Father, I asked?
No my child, Mother whispered gently.
Broken open my love, not broken.
That is much different indeed.
Being broken open is a glorious happening.
For with that opening, much more LIGHT may enter.
It is time for you to begin releasing your sorrow.
We know this is not easy. You and your beloved Brian had something very special indeed.
Do not wonder, did I do enough? You did.
Do not wonder, was I there for him in every way? You were.
Do not wonder, did I say everything that needed to be said. You did.
Do not wonder if he understood the very depth of your love for him. He did.
Rest easy now my precious child.
Do not wonder if you will see him again. You will.
(Excerpt from my morning talk with Spirit)



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