Journal September 21, 2019

Thank you Lord for the best worst day!

Yesterday was such a difficult day from the moment I attempted to put my feet to the floor.  There it was again.  Vertigo.  And it was back with full force.  I was shocked.  I had just been to treatment for it the day before and in one session the vertigo was gone!  I hugged my therapist, who was wonderful by the way and told her I was so grateful but that I would not be seeing her again.   

As I awoke my first thought was, finally, a day without the nauseating spinning.  So, you can imagine the feeling of dread that came over me as I nearly toppled “ass over tea kettle” as my mama used to say.  I was so sure that I had turned a corner and that issue had finally passed forever.  

I felt sick to my stomach, had a horrible headache and my mouth was throbbing and painful.  Oh yes, that is the other thing.  Did I mention that I had 3 wisdom teeth extracted last Friday.  It is never a good thing when you hear your surgeon say that yours was the most difficult case he had ever had.  The teeth had to be broken up with a chisel and then removed.  Not good.  The days that followed were even worse as I developed dry socket.  Now if you are not familiar, that is when the bone is exposed to the air and causes quite horrific pain.  Therefore, my days started with going in to get the sockets repacked to hasten the healing and lessen the pain. 

Yesterday one week, post op I had to return for the packing as well as go in for a vertigo treatment.  I never expected it to turn out to be one of the best days ever.  My daughter Megan and granddaughter Lily Jean came over first thing to take me to my appointments.  Lily Jean has the soul of a healer beyond a shadow of a doubt, coming down from her mother and I. (And no doubt other lifetimes as well.)

So many times, throughout the day she would hold my hand, lay her head on my shoulder and offer me her doll to hold. It was so touching.  And when they returned me home, we sat at the table for them to have a bite to eat while I faced a handful of meds and herbal supplements. Lily looked at me with such love and compassion and asked if she could give me my medicines.  With great love and care she popped each of them into my mouth and I knew that extra healing would come with each one, for her love was added to each tablet. 

So, Lord I get it!  Thank you for the gift of vertigo and dry socket, for if not for those events I would not have been given such a gift as I was through that precious little girl who was named for me and for her great grandmother.  I am so very grateful for it all. 

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