It began two nights ago when my sister and I were talking about the passing of our mom. We were both missing her so.  She was telling me that if she could have one thing that belonged to mom, it would  be one of her aprons. I completely understood, as that had been one of my wishes too. You see as we grew up, our mom almost always had an apron on.  With a family of 10, she spent many hours in the kitchen. And with 8 little noses, one must have an apron pocket in which to keep a handkerchief. I knew, packed away with my precious memories, I had such an apron.  I decided right then that I would not mention it but would send mine to her without a word.

The following day while having a conversation with a friend, she shared that she’d had vision of mom on the other side. In it, mom was enjoying walking through a field of flowers and was so taken by them. I confirmed to her that mom loved flowers.  She suggested that I let mom know that I would like a sign from her and to be so bold as to be specific so that I would know that it was her. I began talking to mom but had not yet decided on a specific sign.

I forged through my treasures and there it was. I lifted the apron to my nose and face hoping to find some memory of my mom within its folds. It felt so good on my face.  I decided to put the apron on and take a selfie.  I had to laugh at myself as I draped it over my shoulders.  She should have worn it this way I thought to myself, like all superheroes wear their capes.  For she certainly was a superhero in my eyes.

This morning I opened my container of wrapping paper in hopes of finding something beautiful to wrap the apron in. I wanted it to speak of the love that was contained inside as she removed it from the mailing package. Right there on the top was a brand-new package of tissue paper. Actually, it had been there for a long time.  Now I knew why I had never used it.  It was meant for this special occasion.  A time when I would need the perfect wrapping but could not go out to shop due to the Covid19 “Stay at Home” order. It was so pretty and it was covered in flowers!  Wow, I thought to myself, mom would love this.

I began talking to my mom as I ever so gently folded the apron. I wanted her to know that I wasn’t giving the apron away because I didn’t value it.  Quite the contrary.  I was giving it up because I loved it so much and I knew exactly what it would mean to my sister to have such a gift.  I carefully wrapped the apron first in a lovely lavender tissue, then in an outer layer using the floral.  I didn’t want to put just any old ribbon on it, so I went to a special drawer in my office to see if I might have something.  Just on the very top of some organza bags was a single ribbon.  It was the perfect size and length of white satin.  My heart leapt with joy. I continued my conversation with my mom as I carefully coaxed the white satin ribbon into a lovely bow. Now for a card. It had to be a very special card. I knew immediately! I went to yet another drawer where I had a very special blank card that I absolutely loved. I felt the warmth of mom’s approval and deep love as I penned just one line on the most beautiful little card.  “Because I love you.  Jean”

A short time later, there was a loud knock at my kitchen door.  I got up to answer it and saw a blur of a black truck as it sped away from my house. It looked like Will’s truck.  I opened the door to find a gorgeous bouquet of spring flowers on my doorstep.  There was a note attached.  It said, “Just to say we love you”.

Then it hit me straight in the heart!  It was a message from my mom.  My friend had seen her in a field of flowers. Now, because I had not set up an agreement with mom as to what type of sign she should send me, she used a connection that she had already made with me the day before through my friend as she spoke of my mom in the field of flowers.

I immediately asked Will if it had been he who delivered that beautiful bouquet, to which he answered that he could neither confirm nor deny such a happening.  Of course, I knew for sure then.  I went on to explain that unbeknownst to him, my mother had whispered those instructions in his ear.  He laughed and said, let me explain how it was on my end. He said that he hadn’t planned in advance to get those flowers but found himself turning left instead of right on Atlantic Blvd. and before he knew it, he had bought the bouquet and was on his way to my house.  I laughed right out loud and said “Will, meet my mother”.