Brian’s favorite place in the whole world was our back yard. Many years ago he hung a wooden swing from the massive oak that we fondly call “Grandmother”. That swing eventually lost itself to the winds and rains of time. Christmas before last, our daughter Emma gave me a new swing. Recently I took my book and made myself comfortable. The weather was lovely. Not too hot and no mosquitos in sight.

As I gently swayed back and forth, I set the book down next to me. I began taking in the colors. The ferns so green, the pink in the flowers, the blue sky with its puffy white clouds. It felt so good. For a few moments I was not missing Brian. I wasn’t worried about work or paying the bills. I was just relaxed and happy. After a short time, Brian was back in my thoughts. Out loud, I asked, Brian are you hear? If you are, give me a sign.

Well hawks come to me all of the time if I am looking for an answer or asking for confirmation of something but the owls would come out for Brian. I would rarely see them but Brian saw them all the time. As I sat quietly on the swing, swaying ever so gently I laid my head back and looked up into Grandmothers massive canopy. I was focused on a large low limb when all of the sudden, exactly where I was focusing, landed a beautiful owl. I reached down and picked up my phone. It was almost comical watching him. He would peek from behind some leaves and look straight at me. Then he would slowly tuck himself just behind the leaves and then peek out again. He stayed with me for about 5 minutes. I knew beyond any doubt that it was Brian saying hello through the owl. Moments later I could hear the song of a cardinal and there he was just above me also perched on a large branch. I firmly believe we can receive many signs through nature and the animal kingdom if we just open our hearts to the possibility.