Stairway to Heaven

As I began to clear away layers of decomposing leaves and dark rich soil, the stairs of stone began to reveal themselves. My mind wandered and danced as I worked my way from top to bottom.  My skin welcomed the cool damp air, as my descent took me closer to the rushing waters of the creek below. Louder and louder came its song, as though it was excited at my presence.  

When the last stone appeared from beneath the debris of the forest floor, I stopped and looked up at the unearthed rocks. Rhododendrons, wild flowers, and prickly vines all pushing their way to the edge of the path.  How beautiful it was, curving slightly as it made its way to the fern covered slope above. 

At the top of the stairs, the sun shown so brightly on the lush green ferns. It felt like a magical gateway, beckoning me to come forth. I slowly climbed those lovely stone stairs. In the whispers of the wind through the forest my heart heard a small voice. Come, we have prepared a table. There is much for you here.

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