Looking back…

This is how the “About Rev. Jean Wanta” looks at this moment in time…

“I am a wife, mother and grandmother. As my children have grown, so have I. They taught me so much in those early days and that continues to this day. Now, beautiful young women they are making their way on their journey, nurturing their own children, relationships and careers. Along with my precious husband, they are my heart and my greatest joy.”


I remember the day, some time ago when I read that on my own web page and wept. I thought at the time, I am going to have to change this page. But instead I immediately closed it and forgot about it. Too painful. I couldn’t face it just then. It was like the first time I had to check the box that said “Widow”. I thought I would be sick. I couldn’t believe that I was a widow. I had never paid any attention to that box before as I had happily checked the married box for 44 years. I don’t think it ever occurred to me how painful it must be to someone, having to check that box.

Sadly, I have not been good about keeping up with my website since the day Brian went ill. My life and that of my family changed forever on that first day of June 2018. Everything that wasn’t about our precious “Papi” went to the wayside as we tried to wrap our brains around what we were being told.

It is as though I have existed in an altered state since that day. Slowly however, I can feel that I am coming back to myself. I promise in the days and months ahead, I will do better. And one of the things I will address is this first paragraph on my page as I am not a wife any longer and my most precious husband is now pure light.

So, now who am I? That is what Spirit is beginning to gently unfold. I am trusting as I go. How will my next chapter read? Walk with me. We will open it together.

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