Full Moon Fire For Festival of Humanity

Ancient wisdom teachings speak of the Festival of Humanity or The Festival of The Christ. It is said, “The higher interlude of the spiritual year culminates in the Gemini full moon – in a Festival which celebrates the spiritual potential of humanity to unify the personal will with the Will of God. On this day the Christ stands before God as the representative of humanity, the “eldest in a great family of brothers,” and focalises the united aspiration of humanity into an invocative demand for more Light and Love. Through Christ, the response of deity pours forth into humanity, uplifting human consciousness and establishing a culture of goodwill and right human relations on earth.”

I really embraced the energy of this full moon and the blessing I could feel being poured out onto humanity. And oh, how we all need it at this time. Personally, there has been great sorrow in my life since the loss of my husband, mom and sister.
On this glorious evening Patty created an amazing bonfire. Charlene, the three horses, two huskies, the doodle, the new puppy, the blue ghost fireflies and I all came together to enjoy this magical evening.

As we sat around a roaring fire, the horses were so wanting to be in the middle of it all. Conner kept coming up behind me and nuzzling the back of my neck. I could not help but break out into such laughter, as I have not heard come forth for such a very long time.

In that evening something magical happened. I felt a quickening in my heart. An opening in an area nearly closed. Like the softening of scar tissue that had formed out of grief and loss. And in the morning I arose feeling such joy and gratitude. For certain I had received a great blessing under that lovely full moon at Festival of Humanity. Thank you Spirit.