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Full Moon Fire For Festival of Humanity

Ancient wisdom teachings speak of the Festival of Humanity or The Festival of The Christ. It is said, “The higher interlude of the spiritual year culminates in the Gemini full moon – in a Festival which celebrates the spiritual potential of humanity to unify the personal will with the Will of God. On this day […]

Looking back…

This is how the “About Rev. Jean Wanta” looks at this moment in time… “I am a wife, mother and grandmother. As my children have grown, so have I. They taught me so much in those early days and that continues to this day. Now, beautiful young women they are making their way on their […]

Healing, a messy business

Healing is indeed messy at times. But I ask myself, would I trade the love that I was so blessed to know for… well….anything? No. No, I wouldn’t. So the price is paid upon their leaving. It is paid in tears. In gut wrenching wails that come out of nowhere, unrecognizable as your own, hiding […]

Stairway to Heaven

As I began to clear away layers of decomposing leaves and dark rich soil, the stairs of stone began to reveal themselves. My mind wandered and danced as I worked my way from top to bottom.  My skin welcomed the cool damp air, as my descent took me closer to the rushing waters of the […]

Take that Covid 19

While in the mountains, or anytime I am away, I always miss my family. UPS delivered a package today that delighted me from head to toe! It was a beautiful gift from my amazing daughters and grands. Now I can literally wrap myself up in their love. Take that Covid! Physical distancing can’t stop the […]

The Owl

Brian’s favorite place in the whole world was our back yard. Many years ago he hung a wooden swing from the massive oak that we fondly call “Grandmother”. That swing eventually lost itself to the winds and rains of time. Christmas before last, our daughter Emma gave me a new swing. Recently I took my […]


Before we had even spoken a word to each other, on that night of June 15th, 1973, I turned to my friend and told her “If he asked me to leave with him tonight I would do it.” Little did I know, with those words spoken, a home was being prepared for us in Jacksonville […]

The Apron

It began two nights ago when my sister and I were talking about the passing of our mom.  We were both missing her so.  She was telling me that if she could have one thing that belonged to mom, it would be one of her aprons. I completely understood, as that had been one of […]

A Bundle of Love

February 12, 2020 I have never been so aware of life changes as I have been since my husband passed.  It has been a time of reflection upon what was and an opening to the possibilities of the future.  A future without him. I recently made a major decision that was the most difficult yet.  […]

Brian’s Memory Honored Through a Boy Named Blake

Jean’s Journal  –  December 23, 2019 Evening was falling as I collected my things from the car and walked to the mailbox to gather the holiday wishes of the day.  There were several Christmas cards and one overstuffed, letter sized envelope with three Santa stamps and no return address. Although I was immediately intrigued, I […]