Well there is “touched” and there is the other “touched” where people kind of roll their eyes and think to themselves “well, bless her heart.”  I will leave you to your thoughts on that.

Today I decided to gift myself with a pajama day.  A day to only do things that make me feel good.  I showered, put on my very favorite jammies, and brewed my favorite cup of coffee.  I texted my friend Pamela, and in the conversation shared that I was having such a day.  Suddenly I found myself sharing with her the story of how these pajamas came to me.

It was just after my husband Brian crossed over and I was heading to my healing place in the mountains of North Carolina. I was in excruciating pain both mentally and physically. While caring for Brian, like most caregivers I had not cared for myself. I developed bronchitis and a cough so severe, two rib heads were out of place.  The stress brought on shingles and the grief nearly swallowed me whole.

All I knew was that I had to get to the mountains.  There I would heal.  Divine Mother had told me so, before Brian had even passed.  But that is a story for another time.

I hardly knew what I had packed but I did know that it was cold in the mountains and had no warm pajamas.  As I got on the road, I called out to Mother for help.  Please, guide me as to where I should stop along the way.  I was in no shape to drive into a town to shop.  I exited in Waltersboro and there, just about a block off of the freeway, was a Walmart!

If you know me, you know that I am always calling on my angels for help and this was no exception.  I sent them on ahead of me.  Please I implored, I am so sick, guide me to the perfect pair of pajamas quickly and easily. I walked in as though they had me by the hand. Even now as I go to that place of remembering, there is a magic about it.  I don’t know that I can even express it properly.  It’s almost like I am seeing it in slow motion. There are small twinkling lights and everything is slightly out of focus.  My sense of it is that I was in the very real presence of my guardian angel.  I was being cocooned in a healing energy, a balm of sorts. I was guided directly to an end rack where, hanging right in front of me were the softest, most snuggly pajamas I had ever laid my hands on and they were my exact size. The best part however brought me to tears, as the fabric I held in my hands was covered in the sweetest little red cardinals. Perhaps you have heard that cardinals are sometimes a message from loved ones from the other side.  I knew it was a lovely gift from beyond.

I carefully removed them from the rack, paid and returned to my car.  Even then I knew something magical had just happened. I had walked into the chaos of a Walmart, gone directly to the perfect pajamas without even so much as a glance at any other rack in the department. I picked up the very first pair, turned and walked to the register.  I don’t remember any of the rest of the drive to my friend’s home, where I stopped on my way to spend the night.  It was as though I was barely in my body.

After sharing this with Pamela I thought, I should write this story and post it on my website journal.  Just as I began, I received another text saying that she hoped that I would write this “lovely vignette.”  I laughed out loud and replied that I was doing just that.  It was lovely confirmation.

A short while later there was a knock on my door.  When I opened it, there was a beautiful little gift bag.  It was from my friend Janice.  Tucked within the tissue was a lovely card.  It was a winter scene with two cardinals in an evergreen tree.  Nestled within the green and red tissue was a precious pair of ceramic cardinals.   Coincidence?  I think not.  Synchronicity?  I believe it to be so.  Confirmation that I was to share this story.  Indeed.

I share this and other experiences with you, not to have you think me special, for I am no more special than you or anyone else.  I share them in hopes that when you are the receiver, that you might take notice. That you open your heart to the possibility that it may be much more than a coincidence, for it most likely is. The truth is we are getting so much help from Spirit, the angels, our guides and teachers.  Help that we so desperately need.  Especially right now.

My offering to you on this day is, try not to decide exactly how Spirit may speak to you.  Just ask and open your heart, for it will probably not come as a booming voice from the heavens. (Although it could.) It may be that it comes to you in quiet and subtle ways. You never know, it might come to you in the form of the perfect, snuggly soft, cardinal pajamas.

So I say, thank you Mother.  Thank you Creator.  Thank you angels.  Thank you for your love, your protection, your wisdom and your guidance today and every day.