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Soul To Soul Guided Energy Healing     $100.
Hands on healing this is the core of Soul to Soul Healing.  In a safe and loving environment, you will experience Divine, compassionate care, channeled from the heart of The Mother.  I ask that you arrive comfortably dressed and prepared to release the stress and worry that has brought you to my door. Each session lasts approximately 1 hour. You will have time to collect yourself after your treatment.

Distant Healing Session                         $100. 
This experience combines the nonlocal energy of God’s love that is permeating every atom of everything all of the time. This loving, healing energy knows no limitations and has no boundaries.

Essential Oil Consultations      $80 
During this consultation we will explore the areas where Essential Oils are needed.  Essential Oils are beneficial to the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual body.  We will use Young Living Essential oils for our time together.  You will leave with the knowledge and resources necessary to use these powerful essential oils for yourself.

Young Living Essential Oil Sales ~ Price Varies

House Clearings ~ Price Varies

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It has been my pleasure to watch Rev. Jean Wanta come into her own power as a healer, channel and teacher. We, here at Terra Nova Center in Cedar Mountain, North Carolina, feel very blessed to call her sister and friend and watch in amazement as she spreads her wings and follows her Divine “assignment.” I’m sure the angels smile as she continues to give and share her gifts.

I have worked with Rev. Jean Wanta for many years. We have weathered many of life’s storms and celebrations together. I am constantly amazed at Jean’s steadfast service to her family, her faith and her friends. Often when the weight of my life is just too much to bear Jean will bring me one of her wonderful grandchildren and we play for a time and is suddenly well. She knows what is needed when it is needed.

I thank God every day for Healer’s like Rev. Jean Wanta.

Jean is an exceptionally talented and loving individual with the ability to put you at ease the first time you meet her.  Her intuitive and healing skills are amazing.  I could feel the energy start flowing the minute I was on her table.  She brings a variety of healing modalities together and knows intuitively which ones to draw from for the highest benefit of your session.  Prior to my session, I was on a stress overload complicated by back pain. Afterwards I didn’t want to get off her table! I was like a wet noodle, peaceful, calm and centered and my back pain had eased up.  I would recommend Jean to anyone who needs to let go of their stress, is in need of emotional, physical or spiritual healing or just needs to get centered.  I know from personal experience that Jean starts focusing on there clients even before they enter her healing room.  Divine guidance works through her in beautiful, soulful ways.  She is amazing and I have heard other clients say the same thing.  Everyone is touched at a deep level when working with Soul to Soul Healing practitioner, Jean Wanta.

Yesterday I enjoyed a Soul Guided Energy Session with Jean Wanta of Soul to Soul Healing…..Jean is a magnificent energy guide. Her studio space is representative of her heart and her healing ways…..soft, fluid, peaceful, sacred, and inviting. Jean’s use of beautiful and fully charged crystals enhanced the experience for me along with the added vibrational sound that she called in when appropriate. I am still flowing with open channels and cleared energy. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me ..I’ll be back frequently.

In March 2005 I had a non malignant brain tumor removed and had not felt quite right since. I had nerve damage and it was difficult to move around. In October 2012 I visited the Terra Nova Center and was introduced to Jean Wanta. I had never met Jean before and was skeptical about “energy work,” but I went ahead with the session as I truly wanted to feel better. Jean worked on me. I didn’t feel any different until about two hours later when I sat down on the floor and then popped up to a standing position like I had a spring in my butt. Wow! Before Jean worked on me I could barely get up from a sitting position. I feel wonderful and am grateful to Jean for her healing spirits. Whenever I feel “out of whack” I call Jean and schedule a long distance tune up! Thanks Jean my friend for choosing to follow your truth.

Jean Wanta possesses rare and natural healing abilities and is definitely connected to very powerful spiritual sources.  The energy work she has done for me remotely has had remarkable results.  She is truly a gifted healer.

I feel lucky to have met such a kind and caring soul in Rev. Jean Wanta.  She is a healer through and through with a heart of gold.  You will leave your healing session with Jean feeling renewed, refreshed and deeply cared for.  She is dedicated to her study of the healing arts, energy work and shamanism – and it shows.  I highly recommend her services.

I have been richly blessed to experience Jean’s healing power!  During the past year, I have experienced significant rewards and results from Jean’s work.  The work is done in a wonderful calm, healing environment where you can relax and inhale.  During a close family member’s illness,  Jean helped me with my role as one of the primary caregivers.  Jean showered me with both her skill and talent.  Peace is priceless!  With her help I maneuvered through this challenging phase of my life with grace and dignity!  Thank you Jean!

I have been abundantly blessed with the introduction of Jean Wanta into my life.  I was in a great deal of debilitating pain as a result of spine, knee and nerve damage and my mobility was limited.  Even during my first session with Jean, I experienced a soothing sensation that began to radiate from my head to my toes.  Jean uses a variety of techniques that align body energy, clears blockages and facilitates cleansing and healing.  She is attuned to and assisted by guides and angels and is very adept at using her vast knowledge of various healing modalities to aid her clients.  After a session with Jean, I feel energy moving all through my body and a sense of peace.  My pain is significantly lessened and I feel so aligned and whole.  Jean is gifted with so many spiritual gifts and the love, care and respect she demonstrates to all living creatures is sublime.  I am indeed fortunate to have crossed paths with this wondrous lady.  Sessions with Jean have not only significantly reduced my pain but have helped my mental and spiritual clarity.  Jean is truly a gift from the Divine.

Jean is a gifted healer whose skill and expertise is guided by her clear connection to Spirit.  She creates a warm loving and sacred space and I always leave her sessions feeling reconnected, grounded and balanced within my own soul.

My time with Jean was truly a blessing.  Her warm, gentle smile put me at ease immediately and her caring eyes told me I could trust her completely.  Throughout the session I could feel gentle energy shifts as she was guided to place crystals and stones around me and to use chimes, feathers and other tools to clear old energies away.  I know she was not acting alone, and strongly suspect that my guides and angels welcomed the opportunity to work through her.  Her messages were truly meaningful allowing an unexpected level of healing and peace.  There are many who claim to be “Spiritual Healers”, but I am convinced that Jean is truly blessed with genuine gifts of insight.  When a friend asked me what to expect during her session with Jean I told her not to be too set on any expectations and not to be surprised by the unbelievable!

The session was great in so many ways.  I’m so glad that we had a chance to meet!  I would like to tell you something.  You probably already know this but I have felt a strong need to tell you this since yesterday.  So, tell you I must.  During soul healings, when you feel grateful and full of love, just know that your clients feel this radiating from you and know that you genuinely feel this way.  This is a pure, unconditional and nonjudgemental love that comes from your soul.  Your clients and Spirit know without a doubt that you are working from the heart and with love. Spirit know this fully and this is why you are trusted so completely by Spirit to heal the souls of others.  I feel like this is Spirit’s way of saying thank you, showing appreciation for you and acknowledging everything you do for Spirit and for others.  Spirit and your clients both connect with the love that you feel and this is one of the many reasons why your healings are so life changing.  Just had to share that information with you!  Thanks for everything and I look forward to talking to you again.

You feel the love and kindness radiating when you step into Jean’s presence and a hug from her feels like home.  Complete peace is felt when near her.  She is a true vessel of love and light.  My healing session with Jean helped me to release blocks and negativity that even I didn’t realize I was carrying.  It has truly changed me and helped me accelerate progression on my path.  There was most certainly a higher power in the room working through Jean as she followed where spirit lead her during the session.  I have also had the pleasure of seeing a good friend heal from childhood trauma after a healing session with Jean.  I will continue to send anyone I can to experience healing through her and am looking forward to time with her again soon.

Jean is truly a blessing and an inspiration in my life.  I, like many others have a very busy personal and professional schedule.  I visit with Jean on a monthly basis.  She assists me with restoring calmness and balance in my being.  I have the most wonderful feeling within myself after spending time with her.  I recommend Jean to others who I know can benefit from her spiritual healing.  She is an amazing woman!

Peace love and light to anyone reading this review. If you have discovered this amazing healer the universe is letting you know now is the time to start the work internally. I began my spiritual journey a few years ago and while on the path I was referred to Jean and witnessed firsthand the impact and change that took place during the session. After making contact I was instantly relieved and my spirit trusted her and allowed her to work with my ancestors and spirit guides on what was best for me, not what I wanted but how to fullfilI my role as a light worker. I have met some life changing people and Jean is one of them, I highly recommend her services to assist in your personal spiritual healing.

Amazing power and clarity
My name is Justin W. I came to Jean looking for answers and clarification about the direction I was going with my life. For a very long time I had doubts, such as “Am I really who I think I am?” Another doubt I had was “Am I the person in my family to break generational curses?” Through her healing and speaking to my angels and ancestors, I was able to gain understanding. They left messages not only in words, but clues throughout for me to take heed of. I have no doubt in my mind now, that I’m the person who is destined to change the course of my families wealth and understanding of life itself. During the session I was engulfed with powerful emotions that still to this day is burning inside of me. A new profound passion to achieving the very goals and dreams I had once had doubts about. I appreciate her so very much. If you are in search of spiritual healing or clarification she is highly recommended.