Journal May 23, 2021

For many years, I have had an awareness of hundreds of synchronicities.  I’m sure you have had them too.  Some people just ignore them thinking that it just a coincidence.  Others may not take the time to explore their synchronistic experiences for their deeper meanings.

I love the way that Brian lets me know that he is around.  Yesterday I decided to try out a new sprayer that I ordered to wash the windows and eaves of the house.  I am embarrassed to say, I have let some things go.  Brian always took care of everything outside.  I completed the front and sides but had to leave the back as the directions on the cleaner said not to use it when the sun was shining directly on the windows.

Well, I felt so good about that task, I decided to tackle the pine sap on my car.  Thanks to a great YouTube video I had it all off in no time using rubbing alcohol. But now I thought, I better wash that off not knowing if it might damage the paint.  So, I got out a bucket and proceeded to wash the entire car.  Now this may be nothing to many folks, but I have not hand washed a vehicle in many years.  However, Brian was known to do it quite often.  I had to laugh to myself.  Brian Wanta, I bet you put me up to this! I spent the rest of the day moving from one project directly into another.  I got so much done and I felt so accomplished.  Brian would be proud, I thought to myself.

I was completely exhausted at the end of the day.  I decided to sit down and spend some time experimenting with the watercolor paints I had recently purchased. I had only ordered a few basic supplies, not knowing if I would enjoy it.  I have always wanted to learn, so back to YouTube for some tips. I really did enjoy it.

This morning I got up early and headed out to get the windows and eaves done on the back of the house.  Next thing I knew I was hosing down the deck and washing lawn furniture.  What in the world has gotten into me, I wondered?  The glass top table had sticky residue on it.  I wondered if Brian had any razor blades in his toolbox.  As I pulled out one drawer at a time, I realized that there were so many things I never knew he had.  Odd tools that did who knows what.  I thanked him for all the things that he took care of, to make my life easier.  I thanked him for all the things he did, that I didn’t even realize he’d done and for all the things that I may not have taken the time to thank him for.  It was a moment.  Then, as I opened the fourth drawer down, there it was.  I picked it up slowly and carefully and took a deep breath.  It was an unopened set of artists paint brushes.

Now I will never know why Brian bought those brushes or why he never used them, but I do believe that I was meant to find them on this very day.  A sweet little wink from the Other Side of the veil.  A gift received, that his hand could not hold out to me.  And yet, here it is.

I love you Brian.