If you are not a part of the Jacksonville healthcare industry you are probably wondering what Jean’s Jax Network is and why does it appear here. Well, I guess the best explanation is that it has become part of my Spiritual service work.

I have always loved helping people although when I started working with seniors 38 years ago, I never imagined where it would take me. I began doing community outreach for a local ophthalmologist and quickly realized that I had no idea how to connect with seniors or the agencies that served them.

As I grew, I got involved with everyone and everything to do with seniors. Soon others were calling me to find out what was happening and where. It was then that Jean’s Jax Networking calendar was born. I emailed it to anyone who asked for it. As time went on and word got out, I soon had nearly 700 people wanting to receive it every month. I had created something wonderful, but it was taking over my life.

Finally one night Spirit inspired me to put the calendar on my personal website and let people come to it rather than emailing it to them. Brilliant!

It is here that I’d like to put in a plug for Medco, the great company that has employed me for 20 years. It has played an integral role in supporting the growth and development of what has become Jean’s Jax Networking Calendar. People connecting people. I love that.

Medco is a full service home medical equipment company accepting traditional Medicare and Tricare. We can provide O2, power scooters and wheelchairs, hospital beds, specialty mattresses, bed rails, rollators, walkers, knee scooters, reclining lift chairs, shower chairs, tub benches, bedside commodes, hand held showers and much more. Please call if we can help your patients, residents or clients with any home medical equipment needs.